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Welcome To Zakia Fishing Company

Zakia Fishing Company is the leading Somaliland based fishing company engaged in the exploitation of the abundant fish in the waters off Somaliland. Most of our operations are based in Berbera and Maydh, Somaliland, from where we supply both the domestic as well as international markets. 

Zakia Fishing is currently in the processing of constructing  a purpose built fish processing warehouse  and getting HACCP certification. 


Soon we shall be adding value to our catches by filleting and packaging and fully cater for the domestic and regional markets. Our catches include crabs,  cuttlefish, squid, octopus and tuna  in addition to the general fish found off Somaliland coast. 

Zakia also offers high quality and clean squalene from  shark , a by-catch of our normal fishing operations.

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